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Top 3 Breast Cancer Fighting Foods

Had an aunt or a distant cousin died of breast cancer? If you had, there is a good chance that such genes might be running on your own. Breast cancer is considered the second most common cancer among women. It was also reported that approximately a third of cancer deaths are correlated to an unhealthy diet. With this, it is only fitting that you find out what type of “super-foods” out there that can help minimize your risk or eventually stopping it before it even starts.

Top Three Veggies to Fire up Your Diet

Of course, when it comes to antioxidants and phytochemicals, vitamins and nutrients, and all things health, what more can be important than vegetables. Though most vegetables when eaten raw, steamed or grilled are known to fight breast cancer, it is best to note that these three tops off the list of veggies for their high anti-cancer causing agents.

Broccolli. This cruciferous vegetable contains high amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin. These are high powered antioxidants that have renowned ability to fight off cancer-causing cells. It also has a natural chemical called “indole 3 carbincole”. This chemical is known to reduce cancer-causing estrogen levels thereby preventing the onset of breast cancer. Aside from protecting your breasts, broccoli is also renowned for its healthy effects in deterring the occurrence of lung, bladder, colorectal and stomach c

Spinach. Miss Olive Oyl should listen more to Popeye. When it comes to antioxidants and carotenoids which remove cancer-causing free radicals from your body, spinach is the number one vegetable on every doctor’s list. Like broccoli, it is rich in lutein and zeaxanthin. However, this one also contains folate that aids in reproduction of new cells and DNA repair and fiber which aids in a healthier digestion. Feel free to replace you iceberg or romaine lettuce with spinach when thinking of preparing garden greens. You can also sauté it with garlic and consumed as a side dish. Additional perks other than breast cancer: protection from esophageal, ovarian, lung, endometrial and colorectal cancers.

Top Eight Best Foods for Women

Top Eight Best Foods for Women

Tofu. Though considered not a vegetable by many, tofu has always been a staple item in most vegetarian meal as a replacement for meat in dishes. It contains isoflavones and “hormone mimickers” that prevent breast cancer. Additionally, tofu is also renowned for its efficacy in protecting your system from bladder, stomach and cervical cancer.

Berries Are Man’s Fruity Bestfriend

Alongside vegetables, fruits are also important consumables that must be present in your daily diet. Of all the fruits in the market, the berry family is renowned to fight off breast cancer and other cancer forms.

Raspberries. This one is rich in ellagic acid, an antioxidant compound. This aids in slowing down the growth of cancer cells. Excellent when eaten fresh or frozen, they are even more enjoyable when used as smoothies or toppers on an oatmeal bowl.

Blueberries. Choose the wild ones. Wild blueberries are rich in phytonutrients, anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants particularly antrhocyanin, which aids largely in fighting off human diseases. Blueberries prevent tumor growth and destroy cancer cells from within. It can be used as toppings or eaten fresh/frozen.

Strawberries. Rich in ellagic acid, vitamin C and flavonoids. Aside from fighting off breast and other cancers, it also help in protecting one from heart disease and early onset of memory decline. Best eaten fresh and can used as toppings on parfait or be dipped on melted chocolates.

Amazing Trio to Complete Your Meal

Oatmeal. This is one food that has the highest levels of fiber. A single cup serving alone can give you 4g of fiber which, by the way, lowers risk of breast cancer. Eaten best with fruit toppings particularly blueberries.

Fat-Burning Foods Slideshow:

Fat-Burning Foods Slideshow:

Eggs. Methylation is a process that helps the body gets rid of wastes and toxins—and nutrients found in eggs are essential in this one. Estrogen levels are also more neutralized when eating eggs thereby preventing breast cancer. Best eaten when boiled as sunny side-ups can absorb more oil detrimental to your heart.

Garlic. This one has anti-cancer sulfur compound that help remove carcinogens from your body cells. Garlic is also known to inhibit growth of such cancer cells. Of course, it is even more renowned as a immune system booster and cure for hypertension. Best eaten when roasted or added as spice to dishes.

Too Important Not to Mention

Do you know that tomato ketchup also has cancer-fighting agents? Yes! But take note, choose only the natural kind that has tomato as main ingredient. We all know that tomatoes are rich in lycopene that combats cancer cells. Next time you dine out, ask for a bottle of tomato ketchup for your dip.

There are hundreds of different foods that contain antioxidants and phytochemicals. The ones mentioned here are renowned for their efficacy as backed by studies of professionals. If you check carefully, the main factor is to eat either fresh or organic—and a balanced diet to boot. Be wary that weight issues usually raise a series of complications which can be detrimental to your health, too. By carefully minding your diet through infusion of foods that are high in phytochemicals and antioxidants, you can steer clear of cancer-causing agents which come jam-packed in processed food. Remember, you are what you eat. So, have a meal but make sure to do it well.

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The Most Effective Financial Spring Cleaning Methods

Each year, countless home owners will carry out a spring cleaning in their houses to eliminate all the junk which has gathered over the last year along with giving the house an excellent cleaning. Nevertheless, there exists one aspect of most of our life that merits a good springtime cleaning – our finances. Our finances perform such an important part in our everyday life, it serves all of us well to control them and deal with all of our bills and financial debt. There are a variety of methods to correctly spring thoroughly clean your finances so that you can live a debt-free and also a financially steady life.

First of all you must obtain money administration abilities

With all the costs we have such as financial loans, mortgage loans, automobile payments and house bills, controlling every one of the bills as well as payments can be mind-boggling. In case you are struggling to manage your bills and financial debt, taking into consideration acquiring cash managing abilities by taking money administration training programs for instance seminars, a credit guidance plan, and looking through fund management training books. You will pick up some really good suggestions about controlling your financial situation much more conscientiously.

Learn how to manage your financial situation

It is essential to manage your finances to discover which expenses are providing you with the most difficulties. In addition, when you have an idea of exactly where the cash goes and just how much you’re bringing in, you can actually create a month-to-month spending budget to assist you considerably better handle your funds. Arrange your records directly into different categories and after that create a list of costs and earnings. After that you can determine your existing monetary condition and also take action to remedy your financial situation.

Work a Financial Overhaul into Your

Work a Financial Overhaul into Your

Financial debt administration is the fastest way to a financially stable life

As soon as you comprehend your financial troubles, you will be able to make a change to take care of it. For example, consolidating debts is an excellent option for individuals that have gathered a high amount of financial or personal debt and therefore are experiencing difficulty in making payments. You will receive no more bothering collection telephone calls, and you will be capable of repaying what you owe considerably faster.

Ultimately and extremely important is to learn how to lower your expenses

In case you find out how much you’re spending every month as well as where the cash goes, you will find yourself in a much better position to figure out ways to lower your expenses. You may reduce unneeded costs for example eating out. Once you reduce costs you will put away a lot of cash that you can set in the direction of paying down your financial debts.

Spring cleaning your finances annually is an excellent method to maintain your financial situation on the right track and be a far more economically responsible individual. You will discover once you get charge of your financial resources and also put into action the best techniques to get out of debt that you can live within your own means, you’ll be able to make your money stretch further and obtain a more comfortable and much healthier life.



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3 Ways To Master The Art Of Networking

Are you aware that most job openings, especially high paying ones, are not posted? These opportunities are communicated through a network where someone else may eventually find it by referral. Professionals often get a lot of business though their own network.

A network is a group of people who exchange contacts, ideas, and information. This involves adding people to your personal network and interacting with them, sometimes on a regular basis. Family and friends form the core of your network and as you grow in your job or business you start adding your network by forming relationships as you go along. Networking is the best way to get head in your business or career.

Why Network?

If you think networking is all about advancing your self-interest, you are one half correct. The art of networking is a subtle exercise in relationship building. It is not the harried collecting of calling cards in business conventions or the spamming of other people’s inbox. It’s more than remembering names; it’s about establishing an emotional connection and paying it forward. Effective networkers are eternally curious about other people.

Not everyone you meet will give you an opportunity. Nevertheless, it can help you build a contact base that will share your interest, help you get closer to your goals and point you to people and resources you need.

The Art of Networking

The Art of Networking

Tips to Mastering the Art

  • Remember people’s names. – Little things matter.The best way to establish rapport with someone is to remember their name. Dale Carnegie encourages us to win friends by making it a point to remember them. It’s a subtle compliment and it will add to a person’s importance.Have you met someone who didn’t greet you with any authenticity in their words and completely forgot your name seconds later? What if they made an effort to make eye contact and offered a genuine smile or a friendly greeting, would it have made a difference? The impression created in you by the other persons’ behavior would have been as different as night and day

  • Be genuinely interested in others. – Networking has acquired a sleazy reputation due to some people who walk around with their business card in hand with no qualms in pushing it down and regard you as a potential milking cow. No one wants to be sold to. These networkers are all about themselves. Being genuinely interested in others means giving the personal touch to every engagement. If you don’t find the other person as someone of interest, don’t waster you time. You don’t have to bend backwards either just to accommodate someone else. Find someone who you genuinely like, and inspires you to care and invest your time, money and resources in building a friendship.


  • Offer help. – Even the most powerful and influential people in the planet have something they like to help out with. Offering to help without expecting any in return establishes meaning relationships based trust. Although reciprocity is a norm in any relationship. Studies show that when we help others, they want to reciprocate the favor. The more meaningful your relationships are, the more likely will you have the contacts and resources you need. Trust that whatever you send out into the world will find its way back to you.

The Art of Active Networking

The Art of Active Networking

Pay it forward

If you adopt these principles in your networking, you will discover a network that will sustain you over time. Whether it be finding a job, building a financially stable business or simply living a healthier life, there is no limit to the potential of a network based on meaningful relationships. The willingness and desire to apply these principles will open doors for you just when you need them. And if you’re network has helped you reach your goals, make a deposit in the account of goodwill and pay it forward. 

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