How Can Seniors Use Meditation as a Pain Reliever?

How Can Seniors Use Meditation as a Pain Reliever?

Below is a meditative exercise that seniors can use to relieve pain. The secret is to relax, visualize your pain and mentally eliminate it from the body.


Take the most comfortable position for you on the bed or on the chair. First, try to relax. Focus on your breathing, breathe slowly and deeply.

Medical cover

Imagine a blanket that comfortably envelops you or possessing Medical Insurance companies 2020 available with warming your entire body. Perhaps it will be of a certain color that you associate with your pain. Enjoy the relief that brings the veil that fits tightly to your body and that protects it.

Calming heat

Feel the heat, imagine how this heat penetrates into each cell and reaches the source of pain. The feeling of heat overshadows all your other sensations, and you feel as if the body no longer belongs to you.

Clean your body

Try to mentally visualize your pain, like dark smoke emanating from the body. Watch how the smoke rises higher and higher and is completely absorbed into the bedspread, leaving you completely clean and free of scum.

Run the pain

When the last echo of the pain leaves your body, pick up the clothe and throw it to the side. See how it breaks into pieces, barely touching the ground. When the cover completely disappears, the same will happen with your pain.

Fill yourself with new energy

Shake yourself and fill yourself with life force by presenting a halo from the light above your head. Let the light penetrate; let it travel from top to toe and return to the ground. When you slowly open your eyes again and return to consciousness, you will feel a charge of energy and vigor.

Direct your pain

As an alternative exercise, you can imagine that you are holding a stone (or any other object that you have introduced). Now collect all your energy and direct the pain straight to the stone. Watch how it cracks, turns to dust and disappears. You can also try this: Close your eyes and imagine a pool of crystal clear water. Imagine how you take off your clothes and enter this pool. Immerse yourself in refreshing water or simply wash the part of your body that needs treatment. See how the pain flows away with the water and dissolves away.

How to Communicate with Seniors Suffering from Dementia?

How to Communicate with Seniors Suffering from Dementia?

With the development of dementia, communication skills deteriorate significantly, feedback from the outside world weakens and it becomes harder to hear the opinion of a person suffering from this disease. We tend to think that communication is a conversation, but in reality, it consists of a much larger number of possible forms and must have this skills when getting Cheap Health Insurance 2020 at . The vast majority of our communication is non-verbal, it takes place with the help of gestures, facial expressions, and touches. Sometimes patients with dementia behave in such a way that those who care for them have difficulty understanding the reasons for such behavior. Here are some tricks to help you overcome misunderstandings with your elderly loved one.

Before talking:

  1. If you feel stressed, take a short time out to rest and calm down.
  2. Think over the questions, because it is better to plan ahead – what result do you expect from this conversation? Is the person ready to discuss this topic, and how do you think they can respond to it?
  3. Make sure you have the full attention of the elderly and try to make eye contact. This will help the elderly to focus on you.
  4. It is also necessary to minimize noise, such as radio, television, or other people’s conversations.

How to Communicate?

  1. Speak clearly and calmly, at a slower pace, with pauses between sentences. This will help the interlocutor to fully understand your words.
  2. Avoid sharp or raised tone, as this may destabilize the patient’s behavior.
  3. Use short, simple sentences.
  4. Try to include a person in conversation with other people. Communicating with others can help a person with dementia maintain their sense of identity and reduce their sense of isolation.

Things to Note:

  1. Do not ask too many direct questions. People with dementia may not find the answer, and this destabilizes the emotional state. It is better to ask questions, the answer to which can be given shortly – “yes” or “no”.
  2. Try not to ask questions that require complex solutions. The choice is important, but too many options can become incomprehensible and confusing.
  3. If a person does not understand what you are saying, try to convey your messages in a different way, and not just by repeating questions. For example, you can use semantic images.
  4. Listen carefully to what the person says and encourage them to express their thoughts.
  5. If a person has difficulty finding the right words or formulating sentences, ask them to explain it differently.

Benefits of Extra Health Insurance for Seniors

Benefits of Extra Health Insurance for Seniors

Among the different questions asked by senior citizens all over the country, the most important question is whether they really need Medicare coverage (or Medigap plans). Older adults compare insurance supplements, examine additional Medicare fees, and try to ensure that insurance is fit for purpose. Of course, the need for a health insurance supplement will depend on the person in question. However, for many seniors, Medicare’s standardized plans do not provide enough insurance and therefore are looking at Medigap plans.

The costs which relate to the value of the insurance continue to be a fundamental challenge for the elderly when comparing Medicare supplement insurance policies:

“Most beneficiaries of Medicare have a fixed income,” so says Toby Edelman, a political advocate for the Medicare Defense Center. “The public may think that Medicare plan is responsible for all bills, it really is not.”

When deciding whether Medigap insurance is required, it is imperative to consider all the options available. You have the possibility to choose between different types of characters. The kind and cost of insurance differ from one plan to another. Insurance premium for Medigap vary by location and plan.

Before selecting an extra insurance company for Medicare, ensure that you can compare the Medigap insurance cost. Also, make sure that the provider you work with will need time to examine your situation more closely. Your financial situation, your health needs are peculiar to you. Can the provider tell you about a plan that works for you? Can the provider offer this plan at an affordable price to you?

Medical care remains an important issue for older people across the country. As has been said, Medicare does not guarantee all cases. If, for some reason, you want more insurance, Medigap supplemental insurance may be the right option for you. However, before signing up, make sure you have made all the comparisons and evaluated all the options.

What does a Medigap plan offer you? Firstly, we note that Medigap has several plans to select from. Now, when you are looking for extra insurance for additional Medicare sources, it is imperative to understand that there are many sources to choose from. The cost and insurance differ so you should select your own plan. A Humana Health Insurance 2020 from helps you to accomplish many things when choosing a provider that understands your needs and financial situation. You can meet your medical needs completely (by combining Medicare plan & Medigap plan). You will have the chance to choose the institutions, doctors and hospitals you want to use, unlike those in your network. You will receive insurance to receive medical care that your doctor deems necessary, not medical coverage which your insurance company deems necessary; It can also reduce your personal expenses significantly.